My name is Ann (Anita) Adefuye. I am a wife of to an amazing hubby, mother of two beautiful kids, I do my best to love God and Humanity! I love to travel, read, evolve, and empower others. I stand for truth and help others find their voice, stepping out of the shadows into light. In my day job, I am a Consultant/Policy Analyst. At other times, I am coordinator of a teenage church. I am also an aspiring Coach and Project Manager!

3 things never to say to someone who is depressed


I know the word ‘Depression’ is scary to so many of us, that we would rather not ‘deal’. Sometimes, we try to help, but the wrong words comes out. So in today’s write-up, we want to share with you 3 things never to say to someone who is depressed. But first… ….What is Depression? The …


Dear Younger Me…

Dear younger me, I just want to let you know that we turned out okay! Last week I got this picture of my younger self from a cousin, I must have been eight years old. What do you think I did first, looking at this picture? I looked long and hard at this picture, and …

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Every family has secrets. I am sure many would agree with me. But would you share yours with me? Some say I spilled my family’s best secret in my new book. But did I? “Seriously, Anita, how can I have a husband who is ‘touching’ my child and I would say or do nothing about …


Why sexual violence survivors stay silent

“Why Now?” Answering the Question of Why Sexual Violence Survivors ‘Stay Silent’

As I resume writing again on, I was thinking about what people might feel about my ‘silence’ for the last couple months on this platform. While this was due to some life-evalution I was undertaking, I could not help but feel like I owed my readers an explanation.  But it was not the first …

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Silence is Consent! Do you Consent?

“Silence is consent! Why didn’t you say anything? You wanted it, just admit it”. Those were the words that kept swirling around in Made’s head as she clutched her purse and her shoes in one hand, while squeezing together parts of her clothes as if they would cover the imaginary nakedness she felt. Although most …

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managing triggers

How to Manage Your Triggers

Anyone who has been through any type of trauma may have experienced or will experience ‘being triggered’. But I have come to learn that not everyone knows how to manage these triggers when they occur, more so being proactive about it. In my last post, I wrote about understanding triggers, now let us learn how …

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understanding triggers- what is trigger?

Understanding Triggers

Would you agree that a problem you don’t understand you cannot effectively deal with? Same holds true for understanding triggers. As someone who experienced trauma, I had a lot of triggers. On my parents’ birthday or death anniversaries, I used to get depressed. Or when I spoke to certain people from my past, I would …

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woman thou art loosed indeed- ahead of international women day 2021

“Woman, Thou Art Loosed”

“Woman, Thou Art Loosed”! It is a book title authored by Bishop T. D. Jakes. There is a movie on the title as well. I have read the book and seen the movie. You should see it or read it. Thank me later. *wink* DISCLAIMER- many men will see ‘WOMAN’ and be like this is …

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Excuse Me, What is your Excuse?

“Bimpe, Bimpe, Bimpe! How many times did I call you? This life you want to live will not benefit you one bit. Change!”. Mrs. Daniels was trying to advice Bimpe about not ‘selling herself cheaply to me’. “Excuse Me, what is your excuse this time?” Bimpe fired back. “What did you say?” Mrs. Daniels asked. …

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When We Were Teens

All too quickly, adults forget what it was like when we were teens. So we have lots of teens who keep issues to themselves and end up making mistakes that could have been avoided if only we chose to remember what it was like when we were teens and provided the support they need. So …

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