A captivating story of abuse, courage and the journey to wholeness.

In this book you will learn through the author’s story:

  • Signs of child sexual abuse and how to protect your children
  • Signs of mental illness and how to support your loved ones
  • How to support your loved ones who have experienced trauma
  • How to find your voice as a survivor & the power of resilience
  • The role of faith in emotional and mental healing
  • What YOU can do to end the menace of sexual violence

The nuggets in this book is ENDLESS!


Reve-Healed. Anita's story on violence against women

Reve-healed is a true story of the author’s experience as a young girl navigating sexual violence in a society that stigmatizes the abused and empowers the abuser through a culture of silence. This book holds a message for survivors of sexual abuse, custodians of children, and society at large. It shows the strength and healing that comes from uncovering our greatest pain, owning our story, and finding our voice. Anita’s message to abuse survivors “Silence is a weapon of the enemy! You don’t have to live alone in fear and silence. Find your voice!”

Share Your Story and Review With Us #reveal2heal

As part of our education and awareness building process on the subject of sexual violence, mental health and culture of silence, we would like to collect and publish true life stories.

This is important for the following reasons:

1. it helps validate statistics by showing that that there are REAL humans behind the numbers people hear or read about.

2. your story might inspire/help someone else.As you progress on your healing journey, sharing your process might be the light at the end of the tunnel someone else needs.

3. counsel: others can respond to your question, issue with advice. You don't have to go through it alone.

If this is something you would like to be a part of, use the Link to the right to record and share your survival stories with us (google drive link or upload of mp4 format not longer than 2 minutes or larger than 100MB best suited for videos) OR share your story on your personal social media platform using the #reveal2heal and tag Anita Adefuye (Instagram - @anitaadefuye, Facebook - @loudsilences). Be the inspiration you want to see!


“Anita’s autobiographical exposition is a heartbreaking account of her childhood sexual abuse and her fractured trust in the adults around her, who either did not see the signs or chose not to acknowledge or act on them. As she endures the silent trauma of incest, she seeks answers and refuge in her faith, but the steady corrosion of her hope eventually damages her relationship with God, leaving her profoundly alone and morally vulnerable. Superbly written, Ann offers you a personal invitation to witness and experience firsthand what people closest to her failed to see. Page-by-page she draws you carefully into her traumatic chronicle of sexual abuse, mercifully culminating in her escape, reaffirmation of her faith, and her healing journey through moral reconciliation.”-
Derek Burden
First, I want to say this book was beautifully written in a way that engages the audience and takes them on a journey. Honestly, I was a bit scared of reading this book because I honestly felt it may be a bit triggering to read and it was. Actually teared up reading it and related to it in different ways. I loved that it covered a range of themes including mental health, child sexual abuse, dealing with death, suicide, misogyny, guilt and so many others. But I even loved more that rather than just recounting these stories there was research to back it up, bible verses and general tips, tools and resources that help people that may be going through it. By doing this, I feel like it will be really helpful to a wide range of audiences in terms of being educative and providing some sort of hope to people going through it. On the outside looking in, it may seem like this book is for only a specific type of audience but I feel like everyone needs to read this book. It helps challenge some unconscious and conscious biases in how we deal with the topic of sex in the society especially among children. It also helps us understand the signs to look out in people suffering abuse and how to respond to them. This is very important read for everyone as we all need to work to dismantle this culture of silence both as survivors of abuse and third parties who can provide a helping hand.
Immanuela Owate
" This book represents such a powerful story, a must read. It has opened my eyes to ongoing trauma that young women and girls experience, sometimes in a place that should represent safety. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story and for challenging us to listen and to pay attention to the signs"
Martha Mathurin-Moe
2 reviews on
22. April, 2022.
Reve-healed: a true story of pain, healing and hope: A must read for all! I picked the book to just peruse, I couldn’t put it down till I got to the 100th page. The writer captured the details in a way that made me walk through the journey with her.
16. April, 2022.
Reve-healed: a true story of pain, healing and hope: Personal and Educative Story The author tells it as is. Childhood sexual abuse has been a big problem in the society. Most often than not the adult that supposed to protect the children in their care are the perpetrators or co-perpetractors of this evil.This book does not only reveals the author's childhood trauma but also provides information on how to support abused children and the signs parents and guardians need to watch for.A big thank you to Anita for sharing her story with the world.

Anita Adefuye (born Ann. Young-Itiye) is a career and transformational coach. She is the founder of Advanced and Fulfilled Coaching Company. As a child sexual abuse survivor, she passionately speaks to the impact of silent culture on sexual violence. Anita educates and creates awareness about sexual violence and mental health through her blog- and on YouTube. She also serves as a mentor to teens, women, and people of color in Canada. Anita is a Nigerian-Canadian who lives with her husband and two lovely kids in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada

Anita Adefuye

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