LoudSilences.org is about helping those who have been beaten down find their voice. It also seeks to speak to silence culture, particularly on sexual violence, mental health and around the lives of youths and women. Keep reading to learn more about our bloggers.

Who We Are!

Anita Adefuye
Anita Adefuye

My name is Anita Adefuye (nee Ann Young-Itiye)- founder of LoudSilences.org. The most important thing to remember about me is that I love to educate and empower people. To be honest, I have got quite the portfolio, so try to keep up, yeah!
I am the author of Reve-Healed. In this book, I share my personal story on navigating with sexual abuse, mental health struggles and my eventual healing.

As the founder of Advanced and Fulfilled Coaching company, I empower and educate racialized groups (visible minorities) to advance their careers and live fulfilled lives in Canada. I also run LadiesArise, a FREE community for women seeking to develop personally and professionally.

Volunteering with my church, I work with teenagers, lead a youth Bible competition  program and work with helping newcomers to Canada settle in.

For a day job, I have extensive experience in international relations, policy development and implementation, strategy development and planning, leadership and project management. Having worked in several industries, in both private and public sectors, I have about twelve years, bagged!

It is always a privilege to speak on any of these (and reated) areas. Yes, I also take speaking gigs. Feel free to also catch me on any of my social media platforms.

In all of this, the greatest privilege is who I am as God’s child, a wife, and being a mom!

Feranmi Ademola
Feranmi Ademola

I am Feranmi Ademola a marketing copywriter who joined LoudSilences as an active blogger in August, 2022. My biggest dream is to get your prospects to pause, smile and click (in that order). I do this through intriguing blog articles and oh-so-human emails. Conquer lead generation campaigns with me @ LINKEDIN

Temiloluwa oyelami

My name is Temiloluwa Oyelami, and I am a working-towards professional graphic designer and photographer.


I’m on a mission to capture the world’s beauty in a way that won’t put you to sleep. With my mad skills and creativity, I create visuals that will make your eyes pop and designs that will make you ponder the meaning of life (or at least the meaning of good design). So buckle up and get ready for a exciting ride through the my world.