loudsilences- undoing the culture of silence

…undoing the culture of silence…

What Happens when Silence Speaks? It will be undoing the culture of silence.

The ‘culture of silence’ is one that has plagued us for the longest time. But, not anymore! And that is what LoudSilences is all about. This platform is for people who have experienced sexual abuse, are on a mental health journey, and for teens who are struggling. This platform is to let you know that you are NOT alone, and there are people who can walk this journey with you.

On here, we will be creating awareness, educating everyone on the dangers of silence culture, sexual violence, and mental health.

LoudSilences – #speakup

We will also be building pool of resources and create support groups to lift one another out of the ashes of the burns endured from life’s fires. No matter what happened, how it happened, with and through whom, all that matters is that we rise above it!

Welcome to LoudSilences – undoing the culture of silence

When silence speaks, we find our voices, stand up for one another and work at making sure there is no ‘next victim’. You and I give the voice to silence! Join me to embark on this joinery together, and undo the culture of silence. I ‘Turned it Up”, and I want the same for you!

So feel free to educate yourself, spread the awareness to others, and be an ally to survivors. Lend your voice as a survivor by sharing your story with us and others. But whatever you do, it is time to undo the culture of silence and bring many to light.

Anita, the founder of LoudSilences has courageously shared her journey with others through her book Reve-Healed, be sure to catch a copy! While you are at it, be sure to get copies for your family and friends.