Welcome to LoudSilences- Turn it Up!

My name is Ann Adefuye, a.k.a Anita (nee Young-Itiye). I am Nigerian (soon to also be Canadian). I am from the Kalabari tribe (Rivers State) in the South-South Region of Nigeria. I also regard myself as Yoruba- by marriage.

I have three great passions that will be driven through this platform- teenagers & young adults, sexually and domestically abused people, and mental health. I have personally experienced ugly sides of some aspects of all three, hence the passion to be a voice to those who are still trying to navigate these valleys. 

I have plunged to the lowest points of life and somehow sprung back up. My worst experiences are known by very few people in my life and of course not accepted by all. Not because they do not know the truth but because of a fundamental concept that has plagued the Nigerian and African culture for the longest time- the ‘Culture of Silence’.

“It is well”, “Insha Allah”, “Don’t disgrace this family”, “shhhhh, how dare you say such things out in the open”, “what would people say”. The list goes on and on in the different forms that we put the lid on cans of worms. These can take purely religious or cultural undertone, or both. But not anymore! We have a beautiful culture to a large extent, and we can harness them for good, not to keep people bound!

The silence is getting so ‘loud’, it is deafening, the rising number of suicides, deaths by domestic violence, increasing number of divorces, the shaming of victims. There is tremendous work being done by diverse organizations to bring these ills to light, but the voices speaking for victims and calling for prevention strategies can never be too much.

So I welcome you to loudsilences, where we will add our voices to others, help one another understand the impact of the ‘The Culture of Silence’, and turn things around, by unlearning and relearning.

Can you hear the silence?

I will tell stories (some would be real stories of real people, including myself), I might share videos, whatever forms of communication it takes to help us undo the damage of years of silence, including sharing reports and/or data.

I need something from you in return, challenge the status quo of your thoughts and perceptions towards these things, educate yourself and others. Choose to empower people who have been trodden down, build compassion and lend a hand and heart to a broken soul. Be a voice and together, let us quiet down these loud silences, and raise our voices to the tune of a better world.





25 responses to “Welcome to LoudSilences- Turn it Up!”

  1. Mary Job Avatar

    Yessssss! I’m down for this.

    Add when a child is being told to be silent when amidst adults. Especially if the conversation revolves around the child.

    Looking forward to contribute to this project in any way I am able to.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks darling. You pushed me hard..I humbly submit to your learning

      1. Anita Avatar

        Yes! We will loud it! Thanks for reading, and the pledged support

  2. Olufunso Babajide Avatar
    Olufunso Babajide

    The intensity of the voice depends on me and you louding it…. we here to help increase the voice to the maximum….

  3. Desmond Diamond Avatar
    Desmond Diamond

    Awesome stuff Ann, alot of this things are hidden due to cultural backgrounds that has hindered awareness on what is actually going on. Looking forward to supporting and dropping my bit here and there . Nice one

  4. AffiliateLabz Avatar

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Opeyemi Avatar

    Great Work Ann! You’ve taken a bold step to breaking the culture of silence. I look forward to reading and dialoging.

  6. Eniola Babatunde Avatar
    Eniola Babatunde

    This is amazing. I am really looking forward to more content.
    Well done sis

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

  7. Toyin Avatar

    Interestingly, this will be a platform where people will be bold enough to share directly or indirectly their experience with the torment that comes with it which will help to liberate alot of people by speaking up. Looking forward to it.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. I must you caught in on the vision pretty quick!

  8. Gloria Abolaji Avatar
    Gloria Abolaji

    Good read Anita. Keep it up!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated

  9. Ibiso Harry Avatar
    Ibiso Harry

    So proud of you sis , that’s a bold step you took .God bless you.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you my big Sis. I appreciate you

  10. Jane Avatar

    Loud silences!!!!
    Right words at the right time when our voices needs to be heard .

    Thank you Anita for doing this .

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. I will be in touch with you soon Jane. I believe the work people like you do to be out there for more people to see and support

  11. Folake Oteju Avatar
    Folake Oteju

    Great job sis. Culture has both the good and the bad aspect and I can tell you that Nigerian culture is rich. However there are aspects that needs to be eradicated while the positive aspects be utilized.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. Yes I agree, some things need to go and others need to be emphasized!

  12. Itee Avatar

    This is good… this really good… more grace to you for this journey in Jesus’ name, Amen 🙏

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated

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