Silence is Consent! Do you Consent?

“Silence is consent! Why didn’t you say anything? You wanted it, just admit it”. Those were the words that kept swirling around in Made’s head as she clutched her purse and her shoes in one hand, while squeezing together parts of her clothes as if they would cover the imaginary nakedness she felt. Although most …

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What if you could take a peek into the Future….

The Adult Life of A Sexually Abused Child What if you could take a peek into the future to see what the adult life of a sexually abused child look like? Well you can. But today I will not be sharing my story. I will be sharing someone else’s. You know yourself and I want …

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CSA – Meaning, Signs & Effects

In my last post on CSA & Your Child I promised to help us understand what CSA means. In this post, we will explore the meaning, signs and effects of CSA. What is CSA? It is an acronym that stands for Child Sexual Abuse, and in plain English, it would mean ‘abusing a child sexually, …

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CSA & Your Child

Intro… All too often there are cases of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), all over the world including our dear Nigeria. More rampant than we would like to admit, yet children suffer. Unfortunately perpetrators often go unpunished and sometimes unnoticed. From clergymen, to neighbours, family members and even sometimes, parents unleash this evil on children. According …

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