here is the ne thing you should always be

The One Thing You Should ALWAYS Be!

Before I tell you about the one thing you should ALWAYS be, let me share some insight into my journey with you.

I always thought I would be a writer but I sometimes don’t know where people get the time to do everything they want to. The still and calm of this year may bring some of my dreams to fusion.

I saw something my sister in law wrote about being a “Non-Conformist” and me being the one that made her realize there was a word for it. I thought maybe I would start by writing something small about this.

When I was much younger, from about my teenage years, I started to get a lot of negative comments from people, I was called mean, rude, a snob. Some of these comments came from close friends and family members. I had my issues and I had so much to work on but that is not the story for today.

I tried to tell people I was not these names they called me and infact I had done nothing to warrant being called these names. I felt like I was the problem because all I heard were negative comments.

I was simply a person that spoke my mind even if it was not what was expected based on societal norm. I had my own mind which was not easily moved by bullies and comments, I stood my ground when people tried to force their opinion on me most of which were ancient and outdated. I was then called difficult and a hot head.

I was a good person, I was not causing problems for anyone. I was simply trying to figure out my life and understand myself and I was called names.

It took me a few years to realise that there are different kind of people in this world. There are people who are pleasers, they want to be liked by everyone and want people to always have something good to say about them. They may support what is being said to them just so there is no conflict even if they dont agree deep within them.
There are people that are plain bullies, they try to enforce their opinion on you, even when their opinion is completely wrong.

There are people with a mind of their own, these set of people may not initially know the power they carry by having a mind of their own, they know what they believe and go with it. They are not rigid minded or pleasers, they are not easily bullied, they are not easily understood, they are different. The world tries to call them names and bring them down just for being different.
If this description, sounds like you. Today I say to you, maybe you are not the problem.

I do not encourage bad behaviour or pretend to be perfect, I believe in making effort to be a better person daily.
Most importantly I believe in standing strong and holding your head high, I stand a Non-Conformist, I appreciate being different. Don’t let anyone try to kill your Spirit. In the end, the one thing you should always be, which all non-conformist know, is to Be YOU!

Dr. Dola Adefuye is a medical doctor who currently resides in the UK.

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  1. Lammy Ade Avatar

    This is beautiful, thanks a lot for this?❤

  2. Ezekiel Avatar

    Nice write keep it up the lord is your strength Dr

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