Does God HATE Women? That was a thought I honestly had walking away from a conversation I had years back.

“How can you be so intelligent and say you believe in the ‘Christian God?’ said this random guy who had approached me to preach gnosticism to me. “Any of the Abrahamic religions marginalizes women”- he said.

Let’s ignore my response to him, because in hind sight, I am not really proud of it and sure was not Christ-like (covers face in shame- but moving on!).

But that conversation and quite frankly reading parts of the Old Testament got me questioning. Over the years, I have come to know what the answer is and that is what I shared in the video below.

This video is my gift to all women on this international women’s day, 2023. Truth be told, we need to get the fundamentals right. And it starts with identify rooted in origin.

Spoiler alert- of course God does not hate women, quite the contrary. But you get to know why in the video. I would love to hear your thoughts.

One way I am certain God LOVES me as a woman, is that it was by Him I got free! If you have not grab a copy of my book Reve-Healed to know what I mean. And I am CERTAIN He loves you too.

The most empowering force for the woman is the Love of God. It is how I found my voice and I know same will hold for you if you let Him in! Will you?!

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