undoing the culture of silence with Jane Ugwumadu

Undoing the Culture of Silence Series- with Jane Ugwumadu

In August, we started an Instagram live series called “undoing the culture of silence”. Our first guest was Jane Ugwumadu, Director of Save a Child Mission.

Save a Child Mission (SACM) exists to protect the rights of vulnerable child, and children in poverty-stricken areas. They do this by “empowering adults with ‘how to’ information and creating awareness. SACM also takes action on child care related projects that will improve the well being of children in need of support.

Here is the list of their child support programs and events:

  • Care for abused children
  • Annual valentine health visit to sick children
  • Emergency Covid-19 Food Relief Program
  • Protect My Innocence! A 1 Hour Walk Campaign Against Child Abuse
  • Child Empowerment- An Annual Conference To Showcase The African’s Child Dream
  • Back To School Campaign- Educational Resources For School Children To Get Back To School
  • International Day Of The Girl Child
  • Orphanage Party- Showering kids with gifts
undoing the culture of silence with Jane Ugwumadu
Save a Child Mission- Jane Ugwumadu and some volunteers

Children face different kinds of abuse, such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It is important that someone is willing to hold us accountable to having these type of conversation, and doing something about it. Kudos to SACM for choosing to be that voice for the children.

In my interview with Jane, she highlights some of her organizations projects and challenges.

My interview with Jane on protecting the rights of children against sexual abuse and rape.

Episode One of Undoing the Culture of Silence Series with Jane Ugwumadu

My greatest takeaway is do NOT be a rape enabler.

Learn more about how you can partner with SACM. When you see a child subjected to any form of abuse, when in doubt, contact SACM, they can take it from them. Do your part, and speak up.

How will you do things differently? Learn more about child sexual abuse






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