Yes! Marriage is a two-way street! And it is high time we started messaging it to couples that way.

It is not 50-50, it is 100-100. You bring your 100 and the other party brings theirs. Given, you will not always feel like 100 all the time, but when you take a posture that says “I am putting this person first”, it is much easier.

Today’s post is inspired by a lady who was sharing how she RAN AWAY from her home. This was after several attempts on her life by her husband. But there are many people in the same boat as this woman.

Lately, one of the questions that pops into my mind is the question of why there are so many homes breaking up. I do not have the answers, but here is one thing I do know- IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE IT WORK!

Over the years (and especially in religious and African cultural setting), there is a lot of emphasis on what a woman should do (or not) to ‘keep her home’.

God Hates Divorce, but why?

This has unfortunately created an imbalance in commitment to building and keeping a marriage working. Thankfully, this is also changing, but there is a lot of catch up to do.

Truth is divorce and broken home affects more than the ‘woke’ generation will let you in on. But what do you do when only one party is willing to do whatever it takes?

In my miserly nine (9) years of being married, I know this to be true. You both have to want it to work enough. Even the Bible recognizes this!

“Can two people walk together
    without agreeing on the direction?”

Amos 3:3 NLT – Witnesses against Guilty Israel – Can – Bible Gateway
Today is not about answers, it is about questions.
  • How can we start to provide counselling (pre-marital or in marriage) in a way that makes it CLEAR it takes two to make it work?
  • Where do we begin to address the root causes of divorce (do we even know what it is?)
  • In what ways can we start to practically show the realities of the pain of divorce to our society?
  • As Christians, how can we make our homes examples of the light and love of God?

Many questions on my mind truly on this topic, got answers? Share in the comments below. This is what LoudSilences is all about, giving voice to challenging issues.

As for me I know this, no matter how grandiose the advice is, it takes TWO to make a marriage work- let us start sharing that around to begin with! Marriage is a two-way street!

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