A Journey to Healing

Usually, when something unfortunate happens to someone, they must go through healing to come out a better person. For example, when an injury occurs to any part of your body, you feel the pain and desperately wish it would go away. But with time and proper treatment of the injury, your wound begins its journey to healing.

“Trauma can leave us feeling ashamed.
But whatever happened is NOT YOUR FAULT, so you should kick shame to the curb!”

Anita Adefuye

Anita Adefuye, author of the book Reve-Healed, made a video on Healing from Trauma: Overcoming Shame. In the insightfulvideo, she highlighted strategies on how to overcome shame. Overcoming shame is not easy but “when you understand that you are feeling ashamed, then it’s easy to start to deal with shame.”

For this week, I have a poem for you. Interestingly enough, it’s titled A Journey to Healing, and it’s inspired by Anita Adefuye’s video.

A Journey to Healing

In the shadowed valley of past sorrows,
Where blame and guilt breed haunting echoes,
Know this truth, clear and bright -
The fault is not yours, claim this right.

In the face of torment, stand bold and brave,
Do not carry the perpetrator's blame to the grave.
Speak back to the whispers of self-reproach,
With truths of your worth, let your voice encroach.

In the garden of your heart, let self-compassion grow,
Nurture it with kindness, let its healing waters flow.
Set boundaries strong, like a fortress wall,
Guard your spirit, let no trespasser befall.

Rewrite your narrative, explore your soul,
Reframe your story, reclaim control.
See yourself not as a victim, but a hero in your tale,
Overcoming mountains, persisting through the gale.

In the midst of struggle, find gratitude's grace,
For even in hardship, life leaves a trace.
When the burden grows heavy, do not despair,
Seek help, share your load, in unity find repair.

And finally, your heart in God's hands place,
Trust in divine love, in its embracing space.
From the ashes of trauma, may you rise anew,
On this journey of healing, may peace follow you.
a journey to healing

Healing requires a lot. It involves revisiting memories you’d prefer to keep hidden. Indeed, it requires acceptance of your past experiences. It often involves facing numerous difficult challenges to improve. Most importantly, it requires the decision to take the first step towards healing.

Healing is a journey; it may be long and arduous, but it’s undoubtedly worthwhile. Remember, you are deserving of healing.

And there is someone willing to walk that journey of healing with you. That person goes by the name of Jesus. He is the one person you can always count on. All you have to do is accept Him.

If there’s something you can take from this blog, I want you to know that

“You are WHOLE, and you are NOT damaged.”

Anita Adefuye.

Anita Adefuye, the author, shares her story of sexual abuse, low mental health, suicide, and how she overcame them all. Today, she is the founder of LoudSilences and more.

Her book, Reve-Healed – A true story of pain, healing, and hope, is available for purchase. Get yourself a copy today!

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