Dear Anita – My Friend Was Raped to Death Because of Sanitary Pads

Dear Anita, My Friend Was Raped to Death Because of Sanitary Pads.

How much does sanitary pads cost?! A rhetorical question. Whatever the cost, is it really worth a life?

My friend- a beloved friend, she comes from a family where the parents could barely afford their basic needs. Hence, they paid less attention and affection to her menstrual hygiene management.

We all supported and helped in ways that we could, but there were the one off days. Such days, there was a guy who lived close to them and he stepped in. At first, we all thought he was an amazing person. Until….

….one day, she went to get help from him as usual. On this fateful day, no one knows what really happened. We could infer from the injuries she sustained.

This guy had repeatedly raped her, so much so, Anita, her bladder gave out. What kind of human does that to a young girl? To say that it hurts is an understatement. When I say he helped, Dear Anita, he literally bought her pads 3 times! How is that enough reason to rape anyone?

The death of my friend was an eye opener, to how many girls are vulnerable to preying men. The link between poverty and gender-based violence is undeniable. Poverty acts as both a cause and a consequence.


Sadly, poverty limits economic opportunities, leaving individuals, particularly women/girls, financially dependent on their abusers.

According to the United Nations, women and girls living in poverty are more likely to experience gender-based violence, with rates estimated to be as high as 70% in some countries.

Like in this case of the poor girl in this story, poverty drives girls to the hands of their preys. Thankfully, the sharer of this story, whose friend this happened to has taken it upon herself to do something about this.


Nicholasmotivate Initiative is a registered non profit organization in Nigeria with a core campaign project “GIVE OUT A PAD, SAVE A GIRL CHILD”.

This is targeted at the reproductive health care of the vulnerable, victimized and disadvantaged girls, women, female inmates and female genders with disabilities.

Their passion is to drive towards ending period poverty, menstrual shame and menstrual taboos spread across rural communities, prisons, schools, IDP camps and shelters.

my friend

The work of Nicholas Motivates is such an inspiring one, we at LoudSilences wanted to highlight it. We often talk about the numerous ways you can be a part of ending sexual violence, this is yet another opportunity.

“Give a pad, save a girl child”. A pad is about 400 Naira ($1). You could literally save a girl’s life by donating $1. The girl in the story died for $3, and that could have been avoided.

my friend

Anita Adefuye, the author, shares her story of sexual abuse, low mental health, suicide, and how she overcame them all. Today, she is the founder of LoudSilences and more.

Her book, Reve-Healed – A true story of pain, healing, and hope, is available for purchase. Get yourself a copy today!

Undo the culture of silences with us, so many can be aware and learn. Share your stories with us below.

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