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Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? So, here are some blog highlights for you!

This month, we discussed some interesting topics pertaining to sexual assault. Although you may or may have not experienced it, sexual assault is a menace that concerns everyone one of us.

Sexual assault not only devastates the victim, it perpetuates a culture of violence and contributes to the normalization of abusive behavior. Furthermore, not taking sexual assault seriously sends the message that violating another person’s boundaries is acceptable.

Sexual assault has a ripple effect; it goes to affect families, friends, and the wider community. On the other hand, the good news is that, in your own small way, you can help to eliminate sexual assault. Sometimes, sexual assault victims open up about their experiences to family, friends, or acquaintances, and they’re met with disbelief or even outright scorn. In such cases, the probability of sexual assault reoccurring is high.

You can contribute to the prevention of sexual assault by giving others a listening ear; whether or not they appear to be survivors of sexual assault. In this highlight post, we’ll give a roundup of all the blog posts we made earlier this month.

Dear Anita…I was almost raped by my Parish Priest – Blog Highlights

In the first week of April, we reported a story about a victim who narrowly escaped sexual assault from a parish priest. Here is an excerpt from the post.

“The next time, he picked a different place in the parish house not the chapel anymore. Innocently I went he didn’t pray for up to 5mins when he asked me to take off my clothes?????!!! For what, I asked he said for the prayers of course.

Before I knew it, he grabbed my dress. Omo, I went on my knees started and pleading o. He said I shouldn’t be scared. I said I can’t, and I won’t because I was a virgin at the time.

I didn’t know what to do. He grabbed me so close I could feel his manhood. I begged for my life and my future.”

Wow, what a story!


  1. Anyone can be a perpetrator, and anyone can be a victim.
  2. Caution to spiritual leaders – don’t say it was the devil. Guide yourself!
  3. An attempt can just be as traumatizing.
  4. Everyone opens up in their own time.
  5. There is power in your story.

Given these points, Anita Adefuye sheds more light to this topic by sharing 10 Measures Churches Can Put in Place to Prevent Sexual Abuse. Be sure to watch Parts 1 and 2, and educate yourself on these matters.

  • video blog highlights
  • video blog highlights

If you would like to share with us, use the form below to submit your story or send it to our DM on Instagram.

Does Having Sex come with Consequences? – Blog Highlights

Believing Sex Comes Without Consequences – Excerpt from Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti.

The highlight of this blog is the recommendation to read a book called “Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti” if you are unsure how to navigate the topic of consequences of sex with your teenage daughter.

Blog highlights
Excerpt from Does Having Sex comes with Consequences?

We also touched on subtopics like:

  • Science of the brain.
  • Opportunities to help your teens by leverage the power of the brain.
  • What sexually active teen girls are ‘learning’ about sex.
  • The confusion of sex and love.

Get yourself a copy of Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti.

What was something you wish someone taught you about sex, impacts and sex education when you were growing up? What would you say to your younger self?”

– Anita Adefuye

Stranger Danger: Understanding the Reality – Blog Highlights

Finally, this week’s post highlights what ‘Stranger Danger’ really means and what anyone (parents and children alike) can do to stay safe.

The reality of stranger danger points to the fact that just as much as we should be cautious of strangers, we also need to be aware and alert of danger signs.

Blog Highlights
Excerpt from Stranger Danger: Understanding the Reality

With this purpose in mind, here are some safety tips that parents or guardians can teach their children:

  • discuss about comfortability and and unsafety.
  • discuss about boundaries (in all aspects and situations).
  • be a role model.
  • practice role-playing (giving solutions to situational scenarios).

Additionally, create a sense of community to foster a feeling of belonging and mutual support among your acquaintances and neighbors.


Hopefully, you picked a thing or two from this post.

One important lesson for us all is the fact that, fighting sexual assault is not all about advocacy programs, outreaches, and organizational stuff. It involves you and me making a move when we get a chance. For example, we can educate ourselves and others, lend a listening ear, work towards creating an environment that discourages sexual assault, and intervene where necessary.

So, how are you going to start contributing to the prevention of sexual assault?

Blog highlights
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Anita Adefuye, the author, shares her story of sexual abuse, low mental health, suicide, and how she overcame them all to become who is she today, the founder of LoudSilences and more. Her book, Reve-Healed – A true story of pain, healing, and hope, is available for purchase. So, be sure to get yourself a copy today!

Undo the culture of silences with us, so many can be aware and learn. Share your stories with us below.

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